The ScinoPharm Advantages

The ScinoPharm Advantages

ScinoPharm, known for the development and manufacturing of highly potent anti-cancer APIs, has successfully marketed its products internationally and is one of the leading API suppliers in the global pharmaceutical market. The company has the following competitive advantages:


R&D Capabilities

In terms of process development, the company has established highly competent R&D team to execute production and development and to introduce advanced foreign technology, and cooperate with domestic and foreign research institutions to further enhance ScinoPharm’s overall R&D efficiency and capabilities. At present, the company's internal R&D personnel accounts for about 17% of its total number of employees. Many of them are doctoral and master's degree holders and have abundant experience and know-how fostered over the years as a leading pharmaceutical company.


Carefully selecting product development projects and focusing on niche product markets

When it comes to product development, ScinoPharm ensures its manufacturing process does not infringe on any other patents, and actively invests in the development of its own patented manufacturing processes. As our advanced CGMP production facilities can handle highly potent APIs, hence, we focus our selection of product developments to high-potency APIs with high-tech barriers.


Large and Sophisticated Manufacturing and R&D Capabilities

ScinoPharm boasts a large, state-of-the-art, Western-designed facility located in lower-cost Asia that has now been certified by the US FDA. ScinoPharm is proud of its extensive and highly successful visits by Western customers and, many formally executed supply contracts. The main facility in Taiwan has oversized support infrastructure built and validated, allowing the main production assets to be rapidly expanded to meet unexpected surges in customer demand. Investment lead times are therefore very short, compared to expanding Western facilities.


Long-term market competitiveness based on comprehensive technical capabilities

ScinoPharm has a highly-skilled and experienced R&D team, which provides a solid backing for the company's product development. Product technical capabilities include the synthesis of small molecules and peptide. By investing in the development of protein drugs, ScinoPharm has continued to expand its presence in the biotech drug market, thus enhancing its future competitiveness.


Providing one-stop integrated service to expand customer relationship and operations​

In addition to providing APIs required by global generic drug manufacturers, ScinoPharm also provides integrated services for the API outsourcing required by the companies developing new drugs or patented drug manufacturers, from the production of APIs required for clinical drugs to the commercial products, thus meeting the multiple needs of our customers. ScinoPharm has also entered the field of injectable products, providing customers with a one-stop service using its vertically integrated structure from APIs to injectable formulations which will further consolidate and expand its existing API business, enhance its long-term competitive advantage and expand its opportunities for growth.


First-class technical services

ScinoPharm's APIs have been exported to the European and U.S. markets for many years. The company has vast experience in regulatory and registration services and can provide global regulatory and registration services for their customers. In addition, ScinoPharm also provides its customers with reference standards and assists in the transfer of validated analytical methods.


IEstablishing a broad customer base and long-term strategic partnerships

ScinoPharm's factories and operations comply with international GMP standard, thus ensuring quality and non-infringing products. It also practices good Occupational Safety and Health measures, fast customer response and problem resolution, and comprehensive technical support. With all these, ScinoPharm has built a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry across various countries. With a large customer base all over the world, the company provides a speedy platform for product marketing and business development. In addition, ScinoPharm establishes long-term partnership with customers, through product or technology development cooperation, to consolidate the global market with strategic alliances.


Professional and experienced management team

With its senior management team that boasts vast international industry experience, combined with western technology, quality management and low cost, ScinoPharm has built a solid foundation of professional management and quality service, swiftly generating a large customer base worldwide.


Intellectual property compliance

At ScinoPharm, we employ advanced patent search software and subscription services to ensure that our developmental chemistry does not infringe on any existing or pending patents. We provide legal assurances from U.S. patent attorneys that our chemical processes avoid any infringement problems. ScinoPharm also actively builds independent intellectual property rights through its own patents, thus reinforcing international competitiveness.


International quality

ScinoPharm has been recognized for its international quality and professional services. Our advanced CGMP production facilities have passed both domestic and foreign GMP inspection, includingTaiwna Ministry of Health and Welfare, the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), the European Union, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and the Japan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA), Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA), Mexico’s COFEPRIS and other official GMP quality audits.


Combining cross-strait operational advantages to expand global competitiveness

Looking at global competition and the development of China's emerging markets, ScinoPharm expands its R&D and production energy through the R&D and production base of intermediates and APIs established in Changshu, Jiangsu, making its product line more diversified, which can satisfy local industry and foreign pharmaceutical companies demand for high-quality APIs, as well as providing outsourced services for local markets nearby. ScinoPharm can also provide its local and foreign clients with comprehensive and timely customer service using Shanghai’s commercial base.