Recently, the demand for peptide drugs has increased in pharmaceutical development along with the number of related development projects. ScinoPharm has accumulated considerable experience in the synthetic process of peptide drugs and can rapidly synthesize peptides with high stereoselectivity and yield. Using column chromatography-based purification technology, the purity of the final product and the purification efficiency can both be improved to reduce costs and increase competitive advantage.

Our peptide synthesis capability:

Synthesis- ScinoPharm can synthesize up to 200 kg of peptides per year. We can synthesize peptide sequences with >40 amino acids units and have various protocols that can be flexibly adopted:

  • Liquid-phase synthesis
  • Solid-phase synthesis (real-time monitoring)
  • Mass production of peptides via the use of soluble polymers (i.e., PEG) as support.
  • Fragment-based synthesis
  • State-of-the-art analytical ability (HR-LCMS, UPLC, IC, and AA analyzer)
  • Purification capacity (20 cm and 45 cm diameter preparative HPLC)

Platform technologies - To maintain our competitive advantage, ScinoPharm’s peptide synthesis technology relies on the below proprietary technologies and services:

  • PEG-based synthetic technology integrates the advantages of traditional liquid-phase synthesis and solid-phase synthesis (in-house platform technology)
  • Real-time monitoring of solid-phase peptide synthesis (in-line with QbD concept)
  • Prediction of optimized peptide fragment condensation from upstream fragment design to downstream chromatographic separation for large peptides (in-line with QbD concept)
  • Continuous chromatographic purification

Services provided by ScinoPharm include

  • Supplying peptide APIs for generic drug makers in NAFTA, Europe, and Japan
  • Contract services for new peptide drug development companies to develop new manufacturing processes, supply INDs, produce commercially
  • Custom synthesis of peptides and peptide fragments

Supply cGMP-compliant peptide sample products to new drug development companies.