Salary and Benefits

Salary and Benefits

ScinoPharm attaches great importance to the treatment of its employees, implements human-centric HR policies and provides market-competitive salary and welfare package.


Salary system

  • Salary: Fixed 12-month salary.
  • Bonus: In order to motivate our employees, in addition to the year-end and Spring Festival bonuses, ScinoPharm also provides performance-based bonuses based on the company’s and staff performance.



  • Insurance and retirement: In addition to the statutory labor and health insurance and pension plan, ScinoPharm also provides benefits such as group insurance and family insurance.
  • Vacations and Leaves: Better policy than the one mandated by the Labor Standards Act.
  • Life: Flexible commuting hours and shuttle bus services; regular lectures and large-scale activities; stress-relieving activities, subsidies for employee trips, marriage grants, maternity allowance, injury benefits, funeral grants, grants for further education, childcare support, and scholarships for employees and employee's children.