Responsible Care/EHS/Waste Treatment/AEO Authorization

Responsible Care/EHS/Waste Treatment/AEO Authorization

Responsible Care is a basic pillar of the working philosophies of ScinoPharm Taiwan. It is a voluntary management program designed to improve EHS performance and prevent accidents and near misses that would adversely affect our employees, the community, the public, or the surrounding environment.


Environmental, Health and Safety

ScinoPharm’s EHS management system is established in accordance with the management guidelines provided by the Taiwan Responsible Care Association and includes management schemes for emergency response, process safety, distribution, waste reduction and management, contractor safety, and product stewardship.

To protect our employee’s safety and health, a series of containment control systems and facility-specific are mandated by our Standard Operating Procedures. Process safety is enhanced by our plant-wide safety data sheet and toxicity information database, in compliance with OSHA standards.

In addition, to meet the safety assessment requirements for handling chemical reactive hazards and production scale-ups, we use hazard prediction instruments such as differential scanning calorimeter and toxicity prediction software such as Derek for Windows. Employee safety and health records are safely maintained in accordance with OSHA guidelines, allowing direct comparisons to the safety statistics of world-class chemical and pharmaceutical plants.


Waste Treatment

ScinoPharm has the capability to process or clean wastes that include biodegradable wastewater, waste solvents, solid wastes, and air pollutants generated by the plant.Biodegradable wastes are treated in a membrane bioreactor system. The generated sludge is separated, filtered, and trucked to off-site certified vendors for recycling. Treated wastewater, together with domestic sewage, is piped to the sewage treatment plant in the Science Park. Hazardous solid wastes and non-hazardous wastes are transported to the recycling center or at certified off-site incinerators.

All air pollutants, such as particulate matter, acidic gas, alkaline pollutants or organic steam, are removed using a two-stage condenser and scrubber system. Recovery of solvents has always been an important point of consideration when we evaluate our production processes.To effectively reduce waste solvents, we are dedicated to improving the effectiveness of steam stripping. The steam stripper is used on waste stream with high water content to separate the organic matter from the aqueous phase. The aqueous phase is directly discharged to the sewage treatment plant, and the organic matter is treated as waste solvents, thereby reducing the overall liquid waste.


AEO Authorization

ScinoPharm has been certified as an AEO by the Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan since September, 2010. The AEO concept is a key component of the Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade adopted by the World Customs Organization in 2005. It is a part of the global strategy to secure the transportation of cargo.

AEO certification is not exclusive to import/export traders and manufacturers and is available to supply chain-related businesses. ScinoPharm Taiwan is the first biopharma company in Taiwan to receive the AEO certification, which brings benefits in customs clearance. A secure supply chain can be established by our joining forces with other AEOs to realize the advantages of simplified customs procedures, fast-tracking through security checks, and direct shipment without warehousing. In addition, with acknowledgment from customs authorities around the world, the certificate holder boosts the market advantage that comes with the secure and facile transportation of goods.

With more than 40 countries worldwide having announced AEO-relevant schemes, ScinoPharm, as an AEO holder, expects to boost its global reach and bolster the competitiveness of its products worldwide.