ScinoPharm Taiwan established a continuous flow R&D laboratory using Corning AFR technology

ScinoPharm Taiwan established a continuous flow R&D laboratory using Corning AFR technology


There have been a considerable number of successful cases of flow chemistry applied in pharmaceuticals and fine chemistry. This technology has the advantage of inherent safety. In the scale-up process, there is no amplification effect, and it can be controlled automatically to achieve better atom economy, reducing wastes, and increasing ROI. There has been a noticeable trend of applying flow reactors in the industrial sector in the past ten years.

As one of the top five API manufacturers in Taiwan, ScinoPharm Taiwan recently decided to embrace flow chemistry technology and adopt Corning Advanced Flow-reactor system as a partner. ScinoPharm Taiwan expects to apply Corning AFR to various low-temperature reactions, hydrogenation reactions, and reactions that are difficult to scale up in the traditional batch process. Nano-drugs, LNP, antibody-drug conjugates, nucleotides, polypeptides, etc., which are in strong demand in the industry in the near future, are also among the development targets.


Left 1st: ScinoPharm Taiwan Shih-Feng Chen; Left 2nd: Level Biotech VP Edward Yeh; Left 3rd: ScinoPharm Taiwan VP Dr. Gloria Chang; Right 1st: Corning Research Center Taiwan Dr. Pei-Chen Chiang; Right 2nd: ScinoPharm Taiwan Dr. Yi-Hsuan Chen; Right 3rd: ScinoPharm Taiwan Dr. Chih-Wei Chien


Corning Advanced-Flow Reactor Technology Co., Ltd (AFR). is a global leader in the field of flow chemical reactors, with more than 20 years of industry experience, and over 800 sets of reactors have been installed around the world. What's more, there are currently a considerable number of 1,000-ton to 10,000-ton production equipment Installed and successfully operated continuously for over two years. The successful application of flow reactors is not only about the specifications and features of the equipment, but also requires the technical support from the reactor manufacturers as well as the continuous R&D and process personnel investment from the purchaser. This is a cross-discipline science involving close cooperation between organic synthesis and chemical engineering colleagues, if chemical analysis and PAT are added, the establishment of an unmanned, automated light-off factory is just around the corner!

As the agent of Corning AFR in Taiwan, Level Biotechnology has successfully installed several AFR in different manufacturers in recent years after five years of active investment. This year, it will also start up a G4 system with an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons at a customer site. 


Left to Right: Level Biotech VP Edward Yeh; Corning Research Center Taiwan Dr. Pei-Chen Chiang; ScinoPharm Taiwan Dr. Chih-Wei Chien