About ScinoPharm

About ScinoPharm

Founded in 1997, with initial on-site operations beginning in November 1999, ScinoPharm offers a wide array of process R&D services and API manufacturing capabilities designed to satisfy customers' exact requirements and facilitate their rapid market introductions. ScinoPharm specializes in process R&D and the production of CGMP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

ScinoPharm targets three market segments in the global pharmaceutical industry:

Custom Synthesis for early phase pharmaceutical activities , including the supply of gram quantities for use as building blocks, drug screening, purity standards, etc. ScinoPharm can supply CGMP materials beginning at the IND stage and continuing through clinical needs as well as launch and post-launch supply requirements.

Generic API manufacturing with products provided years before originator/brand patents expire. Processes are guaranteed to be non-infringing, and products are supplied at price-competitive levels. Exclusive or semi-exclusive supply arrangements can be provided.

Brand company outsourcing services are available utilizing ScinoPharm's complete scale of CGMP-qualified equipment, built and operated to Western API standards.

Injectable plant facility for high potency cytotoxics will be available. ScinoPharm expanded into the field of oncological injectable formulation, providing one-stop-shop service for our existing API customers. The company also adopts Double A (API+ANDA) business model to team up with Pharma co.’s to apply for ANDA in US/EU and export final drug products globally. ScinoPharm will vertically integrate to develop dossiers for difficult-to-make APIs and to increase our value proposition in the supply chain.

Our Corporate Values

  • Unquestionable Business Ethics
  • Commitment to Quality and Safety
  • Equal Partnership with Customers
  • Equal Opportunity/Diversity of Workforce
  • Continuing Creativity and Innovation in Technology and Management

Located in Southern Taiwan Science Park, Tainan, Taiwan , ScinoPharm establishes world class API facilities for global customers and being capable of process R&D and manufacturing API's ranging from grams to metric tons.


Benefiting from in-depth international pharmaceutical and regulatory experience, our senior management team has successfully recruited a highly professional team and set up complete SOP's along with extensive technical and cultural training programs. Presently, there are over 950 full time employees to provide infrastructure and technical and operating personnel to support on-going collaborations in developing and manufacturing numerous APIs.

Intellectual Property

At ScinoPharm , we employ advanced patent search software and subscription services to ensure that our developmental chemistry does not infringe on any existing or pending patents. We provide legal assurances from U.S. patent attorneys that our chemical processes avoid any infringement problems.

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