Quality and Compliance

Quality and Compliance

Our commitment to excellence in quality, environmental protection, safety and production will be pursued in a highly professional manner and with a sense of urgency while upholding the highest business ethics.

ScinoPharm recognizes that simply providing products or services is not enough in today’s litigious and liability-focused world. ScinoPharm assures our customers of our:

  • Process R&D and manufacturing operations in accordance with industry best practices
  • Compliance with all intellectual property protection requirements and assurances that our technology will not infringe existing patents
  • Adherence to international quality and regulatory practices; compliance is verified by US FDA, Australian TGA; Japanese PMDA inspections and by numerous yearly customer audits
  • Careful monitoring and response to all environmental, health and safety issues for our employees and our community
  • Commitment to a sustainable coexistence with our environment, ensuring that all operations are energy and waste efficient

Quality Compliance and Management

Through our strict adherence to the established code of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), our products are produced by well trained staff, following prescribed procedures and meeting prescribed specifications, in our world class facilities.

Intellectual Property Compliance

With our strict adherence to industrial confidentiality and intellectual property protection, coupled with its rigorous QA and QC compliance, ScinoPharm has been entrusted by major pharmaceutical companies to produce advanced drug intermediates as well as finished APIs.

Responsible Care/EHS/Waste/AEO Authorization

Our stringent enforcement of Environmental, Health and Safety codes, unmatched by most Asian producers, alleviates customers concerns for potential corporate liabilities. AEO status confers various advantages such as simplified customs procedures, fast-tracking through security checks and preferential customs clearance.