The ScinoPharm Advantages

The ScinoPharm Advantages

ScinoPharm operates its API business with a global perspective and understands that our customers require consistent and reliable value-added solutions for increased productivity and competitiveness. As we look to our next stage of growth and the requirements of an ever-changing marketplace, we will broaden our strategy to further enhance our offerings.

Service Specialty and Uniqueness

Positioned currently as a specialist developer and producer of highly potent and cytotoxic compounds and injectables, ScinoPharm has emerged as a leading supplier of Oncology APIs where technological and facility barriers are high. In addition, the in-depth international pharmaceutical and regulatory experience of our senior management team has allowed us to create an API business environment similar to the much larger multinationals as we fully understand their stringent and cost-effective requirements. Our willingness to work closely with selected customers on exclusive or semi-exclusive deals adds to our offerings. And, of course, English is our main business language.

Western Know-How

ScinoPharm's seasoned management offers many years of collective experience in the western Pharmaceutical industry. Our US-trained management personnel and talented work crew combines western know-how and quality with Asian cost benefits. English is ScinoPharm's primary business language. The heritage of the founders and original designers stems from extensive work experiences developed at large Pharma/Brand companies. ScinoPharm's work practices are based on this heritage. In addition, ScinoPharm continues to employ at its site several experienced Western scientists and production experts who assist and supervise our young workforce. They continue to search out experienced Taiwanese API employees of U.S. and European API companies who might be interested in returning to their homeland. This experience plus the language skills adds to ScinoPharm's ever-developing work force. The combination of the above provides a nice balance of multi-nationals and locals in the ScinoPharm family.

Large and Sophisticated Manufacturing and R&D Capabilities

ScinoPharm boasts a large, state-of-the-art, Western-designed facility located in lower-cost Asia that has now been certified by the US FDA. ScinoPharm is proud of its extensive and highly successful visits by Western customers and, many formally executed supply contracts. The main facility in Taiwan has oversized support infrastructure built and validated, allowing the main production assets to be rapidly expanded to meet unexpected surges in customer demand. Investment lead times are therefore very short, compared to expanding Western facilities.

New Platform Technologies

ScinoPharm’s large process R&D capabilities broaden the reach of our market presence worldwide and are the drivers for our long-term growth. We will continue to expand our established know-how in synthesizing complicated small to large molecules requiring high-potency production facilities. And currently, we are engaged in the development of selected new platform technologies in the fields of nucleic acids, monoclonal antibodies, peptides, and siRNA. By leveraging extensive alliances with a network of industry institutes and universities, we are moving quickly to apply these developing technologies to address the emerging markets for drugs such as peptide and protein-linked medications.

Global Network

ScinoPharm’s technical and production efficiencies are a product of successful integration between our parent operations in Taiwan and our growing China operations. Our R&D and production capabilities will be augmented by the construction of a new R&D center and production facilities for GMP grade pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs in Changshu, China.

Pro-active Patent Strategy

In today’s knowledge-based global economy, our success will depend, in part, on our ability to obtain and enforce patents while not infringing the proprietary rights of others.  We have a policy of aggressively promoting patent fillings for our innovative products and processes developed in the course of our R&D activities and intend to grow our business by continually expanding these intellectual property assets.

Intense Customer Orientation

ScinoPharm has trained all of its technical personnel in the methods and techniques of project management as it relates to API customers and their projects. The R&D organization is matrixed and assigned to individual customer projects so as ensure dedicated commitment to each.

Well-developed Work Habits and HR Development

Taiwan's education and work ethos are world-renowned. ScinoPharm has developed extensive career and managerial development training programs so as to capitalize on their intense interest and capability at learning. This has produced an extremely well-educated work force that takes no coffee breaks, sleeps in the plant when projects are running around the clock, and is keen to learn more and more about their jobs. All training sessions as well as meetings are conducted in English.