ScinoPharm provides comprehensive peptide synthesis technologies with full analytical and regulatory support. With rich knowledge and expertise in peptide synthesis and proprietary platform technologies, ScinoPharm can design and develop higher yield processes for larger-scale peptides that are scalable and more cost effective, ensuring faster time-to-market.

Peptide Synthesis Capabilities

Synthesis –ScinoPharm can synthesize up to 200 KG peptide per year.  The Company is able to synthesize peptides beyond 40 amino acids and has multiple synthetic protocols at disposal:

  • Solid phase synthesis (improved by real-time monitoring)
  • Solution phase soluble polymer (PEG) synthesis combined with precipitate work-up/purification
  • Fragment-based synthesis
  • State-of-the-art analytical support (HR-LCMS, UPLC, IC, AA analyzer)
  • Purification capability (20 cm and 45 cm diameter preparative HPLC)

Platform technologies –

To achieve competitiveness, our peptide synthesis relies on some proprietary and service provider technologies:

  • PEG supported solution phase synthesis (in-house platform technology).
  • Real-time monitoring of solid phase peptide synthesis (proprietary technology in development; in-line with QbD)
  • Prediction directed large-peptide upstream fragment design and downstream chromatographic separation (proprietary technology in development through collaboration; in-line with QbD)
  • Continuous purifications

 Services provided by ScinoPharm include:

  • Production of Peptide APIs for generic customers in NAFTA, Europe & Japan
  • Custom synthesis of peptide, peptides building blocks and peptide fragments
  • Sample Preparation up to gram scale for drug discovery
  • cGMP sample preparation for pre-clinical, clinical and post launch