Responsible Care/EHS/Waste Treatment/AEO Authorization

Responsible Care/EHS/Waste Treatment/AEO Authorization

Responsible CARE programs had been designed into the basic working philosophies of ScinoPharm. It is a voluntary management program designed to improve EH & S performance of the plant in general, also specifically designed to prevent disasters that would adversely affect our employees, the community, the public or the general environment.

Environmental, Health and Safety

ScinoPharm's EH & S programs have been established in accordance with the codes of the Taiwan Responsible Care Association (TRCA).

These codes include Emergency Response, Process Safety Management, Transportation Safety, Contractor Safety, Waste Minimization as well as Product Stewardship.

To protect our employee's safety and health, a series of containment and special material handling devices are mandated by our working practices SOPs. Process safety is enhanced by our plant-wide SDS and toxicity information database, in compliance with OSHA standards.

In addition, an on-site program is in place to manage chemical reactive hazards and scale-up safety assessments using several hazard prediction instruments such as the Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). For toxicity prediction, a software, Derek for Windows is applied.

Employee safety and health records are compiled in accordance with OSHA guidelines, allowing direct comparisons to the safety statistics maintained the world class chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Waste Treatment

ScinoPharm has the capability to treat its wastes, including biodegradable waste waters, burnable wastes, solid waste and air pollutants.

Biodegradable wastes are treated in a combination Activated Sludge system and membrane bioreactor (MBR) units. Sludge from this unit is separated, filtered and trucked to off-site certified vendors for waste reuse. Treated wastewater, as well as domestic sewage, are piped to the tertiary bio-treatment system in the Science Industrial Park. Hazardous solid wastes and non-hazardous waste are treated to a government-approved incinerator in the Southern Taiwan Science Industrial Park or off-site certified vendors for incineration. All air pollutants from the production units are captured and removed using condensers and scrubbers. Recovery of solvents is practiced whenever possible. For waste minimization, steam stripper is used for reducing high COD of some specific waste streams, i.e. steam stripping separate volatile organic matter from waste streams and treated streams discharged to wastewater facility for further treatment.

AEO Authorization

ScinoPharm had been certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) by the Taiwanese Customs office on September, 2010. The AEO certificate is an internationally recognized quality mark indicating the company in the international supply chain is secure, and their customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant. AEO status confers various advantages such as simplified customs procedures, fast-tracking through security checks and preferential customs clearance.

Companies wishing to be certified as an Authorized Economic Operator must fulfill extensive requirements with respect to creditworthiness, legal compliance and safety standards in international trade in goods.

ScinoPharm is the first pharmaceutical company in Taiwan to be awarded the AEO certification.