Chemical Process Development

Chemical Process Development

Depending on customer requirements, ScinoPharm can either develop new synthetic routes from the beginning or modify and optimize processes provided by customers. We can provide gram quantity material for biological testing as well as high kilogram volumes of cGMP material for clinical trials. We also have unique capabilities for large-scale peptide synthesis.

In addition to the company's major process research and development work force in Taiwan, it also has established a satellite process research facility in Changshu, Jiangshu, China, with a complement of over 170 employees, which will address the increasing number of multinational companies shifting their drug development research and clinical trails to China.

Chemical development services include:

  • Process research, focused on the improvement or modification of existing processes.
  • Discovery and development of new process methodologies to produce products.
  • Process development and production of single-isomer molecules.
  • Development of practical purification techniques.

Chemical development involves the scale-up and optimization of the synthesis of a customer's lead compound. Customer's processes developed for small scale production of a compound may not be suitable for larger scale production because they may be too expensive, environmentally unacceptable or present safety concerns. ScinoPharm has the capability to solve these problems.

Our chemical development scientists design novel or improved methods and processes suitable for medium to large-scale production. These scientists possess expertise in a broad range of structural classes of molecules and are able to address a wide variety of chemical synthesis and production problems.